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What kind of Medication is Soma?

Soma is a well-known and highly prescribed medication in the United States. It contains Carisoprodol as an active ingredient that belongs to the Skeletal Muscle Relaxants family of the drugs. As a muscle relaxant, Soma is mainly used to treat a range of muscle pain and other discomforts.

Since it is a prescription-based medication, you can buy it at physical stores when prescribed by a doctor. Sometimes, it is not easy to get a prescription for this medication. However, you can buy Soma online even without a prescription at our internet pharmacy.

In addition, Soma has some off-label uses, including;

  • anxiety and stress management;
  • obesity and obesity-related conditions like diabetes and high BP management;
  • fever due to severe pain, etc.

You can also order Soma for other medical conditions not given in this medication guide. Also, this medication works well if taken together with rest and physical therapy.

Important Information

It is always vital to understand some facts regarding Soma. They will help you get a beneficial and 100% safe treatment with Carisoprodol. So, read the following points very carefully before you purchase Soma online;

  • You should not take Soma if you have a genetic enzyme disorder that leads to symptoms affecting the skin or nervous system. Also, avoid using this medication if you are allergic to Carisoprodol or meprobamate.
  • This medication might be habit-forming if not taken correctly. Never use this muscle-relaxing medication for recreational purposes. Also, do not share Soma with someone other cause its doses are different for a different types of users. Misuse of such medicines can cause overdose, addiction, and other complications.
  • Soma can cause side effects that may impair your reactions and thinking. Be careful if you do anything that needs you to be alert and awake. And avoid mixing alcohol with this muscle relaxant.
  •  Fake medication can negatively affect your treatment, so never take a drug not approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Instead, you can order genuine Soma online from our web pharmacy.

What to do before using Soma?

Before using Soma, you must share your medical history with your healthcare provider and let him know about the severe conditions. You should avoid using Soma if you are allergic to Carisoprodol or any similar drug.

  • a severe liver disease;
  • a seizure; or
  • kidney disease, etc.

It is not known whether Soma will harm an unborn baby, so please let your pharmacist know if you are a pregnant lady. This medication is not approved to use by anyone less than 16 years of age. Also, let your pharmacist know if you have any severe emotional conditions before purchasing Soma online.

How should I take Soma?

It is always crucial to take Soma the same way your doctor/pharmacist has prescribed. Our pharmacy also provides you with a free medication and dosage guide if you buy Soma online from us. So, read this drug label carefully and implement all the necessary instructions.

This medication is available for sale in tablet form, which you can take orally with or without food. Do not crush, break or chew an extended-release tablet. You can use these pills usually thrice a day and one at bedtime.

Soma is not approved for long-term use, and you can take it only for two to three weeks. Inform your pharmacist or doctor if your symptoms are not improving even after using it for three weeks.

This can cause some unpleasant drug withdrawal symptoms. When recommended, you can gradually stop using this medication.

Soma is only a part of a complete treatment program for weight loss. We recommend you take this medication together with rest and exercise.

Dosing Information

Usual adult dose for muscle spasm:

250 mg to 350 mg orally thrice a day and at bedtime

Duration of therapy: up to 2 to 3 weeks


This medication should only be used for short periods (up to 2 to 3 weeks) as there is inadequate evidence of effectiveness for chronic and acute painful musculoskeletal conditions that are generally of short duration.

What to avoid while using Soma?

It would help if you avoided following habits while using taking Soma. 

Mixing other drugs:

Soma can lead to severe complications if you combine it with other medications. So, do not mix other medicines while using Soma. If necessary, you should ask your pharmacist for further assistance.


This medication can pass through your breast and enter your baby’s system. This can produce withdrawal symptoms and dependence in your child. So, do not breastfeed while taking Soma, and if necessary, avoid using the drug and then start breastfeeding.

Driving or operating machinery:

Medications like Soma can produce severe drowsiness and result in an accident if you operate heavy machinery. So, do not drive or operate a vehicle or machinery while on Soma.


An overdose with Carisoprodol can be hazardous for you. So never take this medication in overdoses or for longer than prescribed. Fake products can also lead to some overdose symptoms. We recommend you order Soma online to get a risk-free product.

Missing a dose:

Irregular use of this medication can also cause aftereffects, do not miss even a single dose of this medication. If ignored, take the missed one as soon as possible but not at the time of the next dose.

Possible side effects of Soma

Although it is an effective pain reliever and muscle relaxant, Soma has several side effects like other analgesics. It is strictly recommended to take this muscle relaxant as per the doctor’s advice.

Do not take Soma higher than prescribed .it may cause side effects like breathing difficulty, coma, altered blood pressure, or death. Common aftereffects may include headaches, clumsiness, dizziness, fast heart rate, upset stomach, skin rashes, breathing difficulty, vomiting, fatigue, seizures, weakness, blurred vision, and drowsiness.

Soma may cause extreme overdose, which may lead to dangerous consequences. It is strictly not advised to use alcohol along with Soma. Withdrawal symptoms like sudden mood, breathing depression, seizures, behavioral changes, agitation, anxiety, hallucinations, etc., may appear. They may last for up to a year or more.