This medical disclaimer is appropriate for use in relation to our website providing free medical information. It specifies that the information does not constitute advice, and makes it clear that the accuracy of information is not guaranteed. Further, visitors visiting our website are advised to seek medical assistance in the event of a medical emergency.

The problems that might arise out of the publication of medical information are obvious. It is the nature of medical information that acting upon it, or not acting upon it, may lead to harm. For example, harm may result if a visitor decides not to seek medical emergency because of something he has read on our website, self-prescribes some medication based on the information provided on our website, or neglects to take a medication previously prescribed.

In many – perhaps most – countries disclaimers of liability are subject to regulation. In other words, there are limits upon the extent to which liability may be disclaimed. The provisions of a disclaimer may be unenforceable, and may in extreme cases even give rise to liability on the part of the person using the disclaimer. However, we shall not be held responsible in case of any mishap that occurs on your part after you follow the information provided on our website about a drug while buying it. We suggest that you should consult a medical expert before buying a drug based on the information provided by us on our website.