Diseases affect holidays like Christmas

Merry Christmas

First of all, Merry Christmas to all of you, my dear friends. We hope you will enjoy this festive season with the cheer while keeping your loved ones safe.

Here, we have given some tips to help you stay safe this Christmas season. 

How did the diseases affect holidays like Christmas?

Although Christmas is a festival that brings great happiness and enjoyable moments, at the same time, it also causes something very unexpected. Our careless manners at Christmas contribute to the rise or spread of several diseases. In this Covid situation, the risk is at its peak.

Diseases that are on the rapid mode this Christmas 

Coronavirus disease 

Covid is a headache of the entire world and a possible disease in all types of festivals or public gatherings. Its consequences are over the limit and can result in different kinds of physical, psychological, and financial issues. Covid is a disease of the crowd, and eventually, Christmas is also a festival of group and fun.

Common cold 

The common cold is also a common disease of Christmas and can badly spoil your festival. A common cold is not that common and can cause viral infection, cough, and runny nose, which is enough to destroy your mood. However, you can cope with this disease using Paracetamol or other effective medicine.

The flu

The flu is like a big brother of the common cold and must to avoid if you want to enjoy Christmas. The flu causes similar symptoms to the common cold. Flu symptoms may include fever, cough, aches, loss of appetite, and sore throat. You should go for immediate medical help if you feel the flu this Christmas.

Christmas tree syndrome 

Christmas tree syndrome is an allergy that can afflict even those who do not typically suffer from allergies or hay fever. Its symptoms may include watering eyes, runny nose, coughing, and asthma attacks. Doctors may recommend antihistamines for such people.


Seasonal affective disorder or S.A.D. has only been recognized as a genuine condition characterized by behavioral issues. Its symptoms like irritability, craving for carbs, and lethargy can also disrupt your festival.

Holiday season safety tips

  1. Replace Old Lights and use them correctly

The colorful lights indeed bring holiday cheer, but they can be a risk for your safety. Make sure you use each light at its proper place and always turn them off when leaving home. Also, do not forget to replace old broken lamps or others which can cause a short circuit.

  1. Practice car safety when traveling 

Driving with the necessary traffic and operating rules is always crucial, but the Christmas travel season can be hazardous. You should give your car for proper servicing before taking it to the Christmas crowd. Always carry an emergency kit with you and give yourself extra time to avoid rushing on the road.

  1. Watch out for online shopping fraud

Unfortunately, the Christmas shopping season is fraught with fraud. While you shop, make sure the website you are dealing with is genuine – fraudulent websites with a similar name can trick you into giving away banking details. When checking out, make sure the payment page address starts with HTTPS where “s” stands for secure.

  1. Follow healthy habits

Hand washes: You must wash your hands before and after eating anything or touching something that may have germs. While cleaning your hands, make sure you use soap and running water for up to 20 seconds.

Manage Stress: Take time and do things you enjoy more if you feel stressed. Social communication, professional support, and good sleep are some of the best ways to manage stress.

Stay dry and warm: Cold is the main problem nowadays. You should wear proper outdoor clothing, including gloves, scarves, hats, and waterproof boots.

Avoid drinking before or while driving: People who drive after taking alcohol put themselves and people around them. So please dont have a drink drive this festive season.

Get your vaccine doses: Covid-19 is not over yet and is affecting people in the form of omicron. Please take both doses as soon as possible and maintain physical distancing during the entire festival season.

Prepare food safely: Every time you enter your kitchen, follow these basic rules: wash your hands, cook food at the proper temperature, avoid cross-contamination and refrigerate foods promptly.

Eat healthily and stay active: Eating healthy food is necessary to live healthy in all seasons. We recommend you eat healthy foods that contain an appropriate amount of nutrients which help lower the risk for certain diseases.

Fire safety tips for the holiday season

Most residential fire accidents occur in the winter season. We recommend you avoid leaving fireplaces, food cooking on stoves, space heaters, or candles unattended. Also, keep anti-fire tools in your home or a place where the fire can occur.

Bottom Line

Festivals are for life, but life is not for celebrations. So please dont do anything that can harm your physical or psychological health. Always follow basic safety rules and enjoy a healthier and happier Christmas and New Year.

It’s enough for today. I hope you guys will take your and our health seriously. Thank You and Merry Christmas again.