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What is Ranexa

Ranexa is a relatively new medication with a unique mechanism of action that is used mainly for treating chronic stable angina. It is sometimes used for other cardiovascular issues that produce chest pain also. This drug has significantly improved the number of times people with stable angina can exercise before developing the symptoms.

FDA first approved this drug in 2008 as a first-choice treatment for chronic angina symptoms. Angina is severe discomfort and pain in the chest, leading to the heart muscles being deprived of oxygen in the blood. Some describe it as pressure or squeezing, and discomfort can be felt in arms, should, neck, or back and chest pain. Its pain may even be like indigestion.

The symptoms of angina are rather than a disease in and of itself. Usually, it signals that an individual has coronary artery disease, resulting in narrowing one or more coronary arteries.

What is Ranexa used for?

The primary use of Ranexa is to treat people suffering from chronic stable angina. It can significantly reduce the frequency of angina episodes and increase the amount of exercise performed without experiencing angina. It is combined with other standard drug therapy related to angina.

Ranexa is used to treat specific chest pain. It decreases the number of times an individual experiences chest pain. In addition to standard therapy, a few kinds of research suggest that it may help manage unstable angina when your heart does not get enough oxygen or blood flow.

It also has shown promise in treating microvascular angina and chest pain due to abnormalities in the tiny arteries of the human heart. It is not for use during acute angina attacks. You can take this drug alone or with other medications. But, it is not known if it is safe and effective for children below 18 years.

Although it is a prescription drug, there are web pharmacies where you can order Ranexa online without a prescription.

How does Ranexa work?

Ranexa is a potent prescription drug that belongs to the family of antianginal agents. Ranexa’s generic name is ranolazine, which helps reduce the symptoms of angina and increases the ability to perform strenuous work. It works differently than other angina drugs so you can use it with a combination of other angina medications.

The active ingredient found in Ranexa, ranolazine, is thought to act by reducing the flow of calcium ions into the heart muscle cells. These ions produce the heart muscle to contract properly. By lowering the calcium ions flow into the cells, this medication is thought to help the heart relax, increase blood flow to the heart’s muscle, and relieve the symptoms of angina pectoris.

Important information of Ranexa

When you order Ranexa online, make sure you do not take it in more than the prescribed dose. If you experience that you or others have overdosed on this drug, consult your health care professional immediately. Take the medicine bottle with you even if it is empty.

Ranexa is prescribed only for you. So, never give it to others even if their conditions are the same as yours. Never keep expired or unwanted medicines. Take them to your local pharmacies, which will dispose of them for you.

This drug has been investigated in one study involving 823 people with an average age of 64 years who have had angina pectoris for at least three months. In the study, two doses of this drug were compared with placebo as an add-on to the commonly used drug for angina pectoris.

How can I take Ranexa?

Ranexa is available as 500 mg and 100 mg extended form of the drug, and a generic form of ranolazine is also available. The initial recommended dose is 500 mg twice a day,

Ranexa 500mg

It is one of the medications that should not be taken along with any form of grapefruit. It can increase the blood level of this drug and make side effects more likely. Swallow the pill as a whole without crushing, breaking, or chewing the medicine. Doing such activity can release the whole medicine at once and leads to severe side effects.

What are the side effects of ranexa

Common side effects of Ranexa do not require any medical help and fade away on their own when your body becomes tolerable to the medicine. These side effects can occur without any reason. Get medical help if you experience an allergic reaction, such as breathing problems or swelling on the face, lips, and throat.

Stop taking Ranexa and call your pharmacist right away if you have:

  • shallow breathing or noisy breathing
  • hallucinations or loss of appetite
  • lightheaded feeling or muscle stiffness
  • slow heart rate or weak pulse
  • agitation or shivering
  • pain or burning sensation

Long-term use of this drug may affect fertility in both males and females. It is not known whether narcotic effects on fertility are permanent. When you buy Ranexa online,  you get 100% quality products with or without any prescription.